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World Economic Forum China Summit


11th September 2013




Mr.Ambuj Chaturvedi (Executive Director) had argued for creating Intermediate cities in developing markets. Speaking as a panelist at the WEF China Summit.Mr. Chaturvedi said that developing such cities is thekey to transforming, developing economies in Asia and Africa. This will become a key transformational trend in developing economies in Asia and Africa and it is now important to boost this process to end the trend of uneven urbanization.

Mr.Chaturvedi also shared some contributions that Overseas Infrastructure Alliance has made in its landmark 'Ethiopia 2020 Vision' which was incorporated into National Railways Plan and being implemented now.OIA has suggested the governments creation of Intermediate Cities is in the vision document

The Key points emphasized by Mr.Chaturvedi are the following:-

  • Engines of growth of peppered across the country and lead to more equitable engines that will minimize economic migration.
  • Ending Uneven Urbanization is especially important in high population density where economic opportunity must reach people. If only one or two centers of economic opportunity are seen, then they will be overwhelmed by stress caused by drain on resource by excessive migration.
  • A railway network that cuts across country can be the lifeline to create and support intermediate cities that provide economic opportunities at the doorsteps of regional population
  • Migration will start have but may not be uni-directional to gigantic urban centres.The migration will be In all directions as workers and professional move to the intermediate cities.
  • Each of these intermediate cities can also create their own expertise based on their region
  • This trend has begun in a nascent way across different geographies. It is now important to boost this process to end the trend of uneven urbanization
  • Planned urbanization spread across the many intermediate cities will be equitable, sustainable and habitable for all

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