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9th CII EXIM Bank Conclave on India Africa Project Partnership. 'CREATING MULTIPLE STAKEHOLDERS PROJECTS '


19th March 2013


Sheesh Mahal, Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi, India


Confederation of Indian Industry [CII]

Mr. Ambuj Chaturvedi, Executive Director, Overseas Infrastructure Alliance (India) Pvt, Ltd on the dais with (left to right) H. E. Mr. Francois Kanimba, Hon'ble Minister of Trade & Industry of Government of Rwanda, Mr. R.C. Sinha, IAS (retd.), Ex-Minister of State, State of Jharkhand, India, Mr. Sanjay Garg, Partner, KPMG and Ms. Swati Agrawal, Credit Analysis & Research Ltd. (CARE), General Manager & Head, North India Regional Office, Delhi.

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) organized the 9th edition of CII-EXIM Bank Conclave on 'India Africa Project Partnership'from 17th till 19thMarch 2013 in New Delhi. CII held this conclave with the support of Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Commerce & Industry and Government of India where Cameroon was the 'Guest Country' and Ethiopia was the 'Focus Country' for the 9th Conclave.

The CII EXIM Bank Conclave on 'India-Africa Project Partnership'successfully built a bridge between Indian and African Government and Business leaders by acting as a catalyst to enhance the level of business engagement. Senior leaders from Africa addressed the 9thCII EXIM Bank Conclave which helping giving a new strategic direction to India-Africa relations.

This year the Conclave was attended by more than 500 delegations from over 43 African Countries comprising- Heads of the African State/Government, Vice President, Cabinet Ministers from various African States, decision makers for sectoral projects, Funding/Risk mitigation agencies and Offshore Development Agency, etc.

Overseas Infrastructure Alliance (India) Pvt. Ltd. participated in the Conclave as Plenary Session sponsor. India-Africa: 'CREATING MULTIPLE STAKEHOLDERS PROJECTS'. In the globalized and highly inter-dependent world of today, a project can bring value to the society only if the multiple stakeholders, right from investors to project owners to suppliers to citizens at larges, can be brought together in fair, mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships. This is the crux of sustainable growth, successful project development and, indeed, was the theme of the Session.

We bring you the introduction and point of view of panel speakers at the Conclave:

I. Mr. R.C. Sinha, IAS (retd.), Ex-Minister of State, State of Jharkhand, India: "Creating Multiple Stakeholder Projects: the Indian Experience and Learnings for Africa"

  • Mr. R.C. Sinha recently served as the Minister of State in the Indian State of Jharkhand. Earlier,
    Mr. Sinha served in the prestigious Indian Administrative Service of the Indian Government, and led infrastructure initiatives in the State of Maharashtra including those in Mumbai.

  • Mr. Sinha's speech wasfocused on Indian experience on models for creating large multi stakeholder projects and their application to Africa. He shared his vast experience on how the interests of major stake holders including the Government, User, Entrepreneur and the Lender can best be addressed in a developmental project framework.

  • The project developers can expand the set of possible projects in Africa, if Governments there adopt enabling frameworks like the 'Swiss Challenge' mode and innovative PPP models, which will bring on stream a large number of commercially viable projects with intrinsic strength to attract necessary finance on their own strength.

II. Hon'ble Minister of Trade & Industry of Government of Rwanda, H E Mr Francois Kanimba: "The Rwandan Experience in Managing Multiple Stakeholders"

  • His Excellency shared the vision and the challenges faced in mobilizing multiple stakeholders together in Rwanda and how the Indian entrepreneurs can participate with their Rwandan counterparts.

III. Ms. Swati Agrawal, Credit Analysis & Research Ltd. (CARE), General Manager & Head, North India Regional Office, Delhi: "Indian Projects Experience: Engaging Rest of the World"

  • Ms. Swati Agrawal, is the General Manager of Credit Research & Analysis Ltd., CARE, the largest domestically owned credit rating agency of India, promoted by the development bank. She has long experience in credit rating, particularly large infrastructure projects.

  • Ms. Agrawal shared her experience in the Indian projects, especially from the perspective of lenders and investors, necessary conditions to make the projects bankable and the risks that African economies should mitigate for developing similar projects.

IV. Mr. Sanjay Garg, Partner, KPMG: "Effective Project Management"

  • Mr. Sanjay Garg is the senior partner of the big four consultancy firm KPMG. He heads the Project Management practice, in which he has experience exceeding two and a half decades in big power companies and in consultancy. Mr. Sanjay's speech was focused on the best practices of project management, the key factors to be managed and monitored during the execution stage to make a project eventually successful and experience applicable to Africa.

V. Mr. Ambuj Chaturvedi, Executive Director, Overseas Infrastructure Alliance (India) Pvt., Ltd. (OIA): "Project Development Approach: Aligning Multiple Stakeholders in Africa"

  • Mr. Ambuj's speech focused on 'project development' as a unique skill most needed in Africa as the key to their development. The session highlighted the unique challenges of project development, in particular aligning multiple stakeholders, and execution in Africa and how Indian companies are proving to be more adaptable and effective in the African environment.

  • The focus is on 'Project Development', especially in African economies, as unique skills, which complement, leverage and promote the manufacturing skills of suppliers from India and other countries. Project Developers work closely with clients, help them in identifying their needs and work out most optimal solutions which can then be implemented as developmental projects. The result is: choice of appropriate technology, cost-effective projects, risk-mitigation, customized solutions for the needs of the clients, systematic implementation of projects and capacity building in the client countries.

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